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Dustin DeFrates


Who is Dustin Defrates?

In 2003, Dustin moved to Scottsdale, Arizona anticipating a residential market boom, he was right.

He flipped hundreds of houses and to date has built 77 apartments, condos and homes. He predicted the real estate market crash in 2006, and was able to pull all his partner’s capital from the market prior to the Great Recession.

“I became a licensed real estate agent in 2008 & saved over 150 homeowners from foreclosure. Between 2010 and 2012, I bought 100 of the best value add opportunities in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and with the help of my brother, I was able to remodel them all.” Dustin recalls.

Today, Dustin runs The Defrates Group, a managing equity partner in five family office portfolios with a market valuation of 20MM, and is on a mission to own 2k units through rolling existing portfolios and bringing on new and exciting partnerships. After stabilizing a brokerage, a construction, property management and real estate brokerage, DeFrates co-founded Geopoint Data, Home Deal Hub, and The Call Gurus.

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